Aquaculture Mesh

Seeding nets and mollusk protection netting

Designed for the protection of seeds of different types developed in aquaculture parks.

Rabitahail 2.5 x 3

Crystal Color

Rabitainsect 6 x 6

Color Green

Rabitainsect 6 x 6

Crystal Color

Rabitashade 65%.

Color Black

Rabitashade 90%

Color White

Rabitashade 90%

Color Blue

Rabitashade 90%

Color Green

Rabitashade 90%

Dark green color

Rabitashade 90%

Green and white

Rabitashade 85

Color Brown


This type of netting serves as protection against the sun for fish species such as turbot and mollusks that need it for breeding. Certain species of fish and mollusks that require it for their breeding. For this purpose, a double layer of shading would be provided in order to achieve total concealment.


– Wind protection.

– Protection and security against birds in fish farms, preventing them from reducing the fry population in the farms.

– Possibility of making hapas for fish farming.

– Protection of bivalve mollusk seeds from aquaculture parks.



High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Product references

  • Rabitahail 2.5 x3
  • Rabitahail 5 x 4
  • Rabitainsect 6 x 6
  • Rabitainsect 9 x 6
  • Rabitashade 85



Crystal, black and green. For other colors, please contact the Sales Department.

UV resistance

720 Klys


Presence of reinforcements on the sides to facilitate stitching and increase strength.

Widths and lengths

Widths: Standard coils up to 5 meters. (Consult us for larger widths)

Lengths: Standard coils of 100 meters in length (Consult for non-standard lengths)

Other formats

Possibility of jumbo reel shipments.

Technical name

Aquaculture netting, hapa netting, hapa netting, hapa material, aquaculture net.

Aquaculture netting, seeding netting, mollusk protection netting, snail farming, fish farming
Aquaculture netting, seeding netting, mollusk protection netting, snail farming, fish farming

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