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Agricultural netting

Agricultural netting manufacturer

Rábita Agrotextil is a company specialized in the integral manufacture of quality and customized agricultural nets, using the most innovative technology and the highest quality fabrics, achieving a protected crop.

Thanks to our experience in the national and international market, we have a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers. Located in Alcalá La Real, we work to care for the environment and create a business of proximity.

Tailor-made meshes for agriculture

We manufacture and commercialize customized agrotextile nets to cover and protect crops from insects and temperature changes. The quality of our product range, as well as the variety of types of agricultural netting, allows us to offer maximum safety and performance to our customers’ agricultural solutions.

We have a wide variety of agricultural nets, thermal nets, plasticized nets, anti-parasites and decorative nets.

Use of agricultural nets

We offer the best solutions in agricultural fabrics to protect your crops. We have shading nets, anti-hail nets, anti-strip nets. ground cover, insect netting, windbreak netting, mixed and harvesting netting for the main sectors: aquaculture, agriculture, livestock, gardening and construction.


We have agricultural nets with various densities for use in fish farms and aquaculture parks and for seed protection.


Gardering netting is composed of monofilament yarns in warp and raffia ribbons in weft, available in various colors and densities.


It is the main sector and for this reason we have a wide variety of agrotextile nets that cover and protect crops.


We have a series of fabrics for construction applications such as mosquito nets, ground covers or shading nets.


Specialized agrotextile nets for livestock and heliciculture that prevent leaks, UV light, rain and hail.



We commercialize a wide range of accessories for the fastening of meshes looking for speed and simplicity in the installations.


European General Development Fund. A way of making Europe.

Textil de la Rábita S.L. has participated in the FPA GROWTECH 2019 during November 27-30, 2019 and has had the support of ICEX, as well as the co-financing of European ERDF Funds, having contributed according to the measure of the same, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.

We care for the environment

At Rábita Agrotextil we look to the future, taking advantage of new technologies and R&D to work, among other things, on respect for the environment and sustainability. We want the company to continue to grow through sustainable and planet-friendly expansion. To this end, we have conducted several market studies at national and international level to implement our products in sustainable agriculture projects as well as participating in university research and experimental complexes that are committed to a new agriculture.

We are present all over the world, with headquarters in Spain.


Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Russia.

America: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador

Africa: Morocco, Tanzania, Senegal, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria

Asia: United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iraq, Indonesia






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