Own Manufacturing Process

Rábita AgroTextil


In order to control the quality of our products, we produce monofilament in different diameters and colors.  This allows us to better satisfy our customers’ demands.


Just as in extrusion, our warpers have software that controls the process, providing data to ensure a well-produced warp.  During this process, the monofilament bobbins are aligned and adjusted to the beam width.


This process starts by tying the new warp to the loom with respect to the following product.  Depending on the manufactured article, the warp and weft are both monofilament, or the warp is monofilament and the weft is raffia.

Verification & Control

During this process, a final inspection of the weft is performed and the length of the rolls is standardized.


Textil de la Rabita offers the possibility that clients choose specials measures of nets and even though, mesh could be sewed.

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