"A world of possibilities for safe cultivation."

Rábita AgroTextil


Strengthen and consolidate the company’s presence in the most competitive and specialized markets, as a result of globalization.


Commitment to the continuous improvement of production processes and assuming as our own the needs and concerns of our customers.

Commitment to the training and qualification of our human team. People make a company.


Environmental and social commitment

Collaboration with R&D projects

Market experience

International projection


Our History

Textil de la Rábita S.L. is a family company created in 1978, dedicated, within the textile industry, to the manufacture of meshes, based on synthetic fibers for the agricultural industry and other industrial applications. In 1994, the company was broken up into different companies to cover new market sectors, resulting in the profile it currently has and creating its own brand “RABITA AGROTEXTIL”.

Textil de la Rábita, in spite of being a young company, has a great experience and a vision of the future that allows it to offer the sector products of unbeatable quality, without losing the vision of taking advantage of new technologies.

In order to adapt to current needs, it studies and innovates its products following the trends of the most advanced markets both nationally and internationally through its diversification in all types of affected sectors.

For Textil de la Rábita it is logical to have the implementation of a Quality System for the continuous improvement of production processes, and the development of ideas that arise within the general infrastructure of the company. It obtains its most specialized technological support for its R&D development from various external entities of recognized prestige, highly qualified in the materials manufactured by Textil de la Rábita.

Attendance at both national and international events is helping our company to become “known and recognized” at all levels. Within the market, RABITA AGROTEXTIL is becoming a benchmark of quality and prestige.

Textil de la Rábita S.L. has carried out market studies in order to implement our usual products, as well as those of the highest specialization. Sustainable agriculture is a commitment made by management and a goal to be achieved in the current market situation. This sustainability is channeled both to the fruit and vegetable sector and to other sectors of special growth and drive in the economy, being in the way of intensive farms, such as fish farms, intensive crops, etc., as well as participating in research promoted by universities and experimental complexes, where the foundations of the new march of “agriculture” are being carried out.

This collaboration represents a special and recognized prestige for a company that is committed to the future while respecting the environment and sustainable development.

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