It is an agricultural fabric with very similar features in comparison to shading net. This fabric is made up with monofilament yarns on the warp and raffia tape on the weft, all of them produced with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Rábita Construction

Scaffolding net / Sombreo de ocultación / Malla  para obras / Perimeter net / Privacy fence

Rabitashade 85 Bicolor

 Construction Nets

Rabitashade 85 Naranja

 Construction Nets

Rabitashade 85 Azul

Malla Construcción

Rabitainsect 6×6 Verde

Product Description

Within RABITA AGROTEXTIL  product range we could be able to highlight several type of products in the construction field.

From mosquito nets (monofilament), groundcover to the family of shading net with higher densities we could pick one or other depending on the final application.

Our range of shading nets provide us different possibilitieson their different densities.  Shading nets from 45% to 85% in various colors will have any purpose or other.

Mosquito nets and shading nets are mainly used in big tailored sizes as scaffolding nets, for security.

We have a wide range of different color as well as combinations of two different tones.




  • Privacy fences in work zones to prevent working areas from curious people.
  • Shading for workers and covering of sensitive materials such as plastic pipelinesl .
  • Signing and safety for diggin areas o thenches as well as
  • Tarpaulins to cover lorry tráiler for aggregates transportation or removal of debris.
    • Rabitainsect 6 X 6
    • Rabitashade 65%
    • Rabitashade 85%
    • Rabitagroundcover 100 Grs.
    • Rabitagroundcover 130 Grs.
Raw Material

High density polyethylene(HDPE), either the monofilament or the tape (raffia).


White, Green, Black, Brown, Silver, Heather o Orange.

For other colors, please ask the Sales Department.

Special Features

Reinforcements displayed proportionally throughout the entire width of the roll. Tailored pieces have turnbacks to improve the finsihing of the nets.

UV Stability

720 Klys

  • WIDTHS: Standard rolls from 1 to 5,20 meters.
  • LENGTHS: 100m, 150m… (Higher lengths under request)
Other Formats

Posibilidad de confeccionar con anchos superiores a los 5 metros, empleando para ello costuras con máquinas de coser  overlock de 3 bobinas de hilo con tratamiento UV 720 Kly.

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