It is an agricultural fabric with very similar features in comparison to shading net. This fabric is made up with monofilament yarns on the warp and raffia tape on the weft, all of them produced with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Gardening Nets

Sombreo / Sombraje / Serán / Shade net

Malla Gardening


Malla Gardening

Rabitashade 85 Naranja


Malla Gardening

Rabitashade 85 Bicolor

Malla Gardening

Rabitashade 85 Azul

Malla Gardening

Rabitadeco Negro

Malla Gardening

Rabitadeco Beige

Product Description

It is a kind of fabric whose features are very similar to the ones of shading netsEs el agrotextil de características muy similares al sombreo. It is woven with hdpe monofilament in the warpd and raffia tape in the weft.

We have two different type of densities depending on the structure of the fabric: 85% and 100%.

We have a wide range of different colors as well as combination of two tones at disposal of the customer.




  • Privacy fences in courtyard or swmming pool areas for hotel sor residential areas.
  • Shading for car parks
  • Shading for events and festivals.
  • Decorative nets for events and signing fences for sport competions.
    • Rabitastrepnet
    • Rabitadeco
    • Rabitashade 65%
    • Rabitashade 85%
Raw Material

High density poliethilene (HDPE)


Crystal, white,green, black or greys. For other colors, please ask the Sales Department.

Special Features

Reinforcements displayed proportionally throughout of the total width of the rolls.

UV Stabilization

720 Klys

  • WIDTHS: Standard rolls from 1 to 5,20 meters.
  • LENGTHS: 100m, 150m… (Higher lengths under request)
Other Formats

Possible availability to tailor wider rolls over 5 meters, by using an overlock machine supplied with 3 uv stabilized monofilament rolls(UV stability> 720 Kly)

Other Searching Terms

Malla de sombreo, malla de sombraje, sarán, shading nets, shade net, etc.

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