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Durability of the net against sun radiation

All our nets, except harvesting nets are UV stabilized (720 Kly). In our latitude lifespan of our nets is “at least” 5 years. In other areas of the planet, due to the higher aggressivity of the sun radiation lifeaspan of netting will be obviously lower tan usual.

Stability of nets against water

At first the stability of nets agains the wáter is totally reliable, unless there is any chemical compounds  suspended in the wáter, usually related to fertilizers or industriral or urban residues . Under these conditions we may no guarantee the stability of this material.

What type of factors could affect my netting

At first the factors which are more likely to affect HDPE nets are chlorine, sulphur and sun radiation. This fact does not mean that there are no other harmful factors. We just mention the most common facts.

May I order an special width

We usually manufacture standard widths up to 5 meters. On the other hand we could manufacture special widths based on great volumes. We vould get sizes wider tan 5 meters by using overlock sewing machines making special sewing  unión with three yarns.

Is the yarn of tailored pieces UV stabilized?

Of course it is, except for harvesting nets. We use HDPE monofilament UV stabilized and 0,40mm thick so that it widens the lifespan of the own fabric.

Which part of the year is more probable to get any type of netting

Theoreticall is posible throughout all the year to manufacture any kind of fabric. We manufacture. However, there are certain  parts of the year more available no obstante siempre hay épocas más susceptibles para poder encontrar ciertos tipos de tejidos:

  • January- February: Empezamos a consultar a nuestros clients acerca de sus necesidades de malla de sombreo en países del Hemisferio Norte.
  • Junio-Agosto: Empieza la planificación de producción de malla para mantos de recolección de aceituna.
  • Junio-Julio: Empezamos a dirigirnos a nuestros potenciales clientes, de tal manera que se planifique la producción de malla anti-granizo, de tal manera que la misma quede instalada antes de la primavera.

Todo el año: La demanda de malla anti-trips es continua durante los 12 meses de año, aunque en meses de primavera-verano se incrementa la demanda.

Does the color provide more or less shading percentage? What if it is 45%?

Of course it is important the color of the fabric regarding the shading rate it could provide to the plants

All the different rates from the white tone the black one are increasing the real shading percentage.

How could I get pricing of your products?

Through a CONTACT FORM in our website you can fill it and then, you can send it. One of our members of our Sales Department would get in touch with you in a short period of time.

How is it the delivery format of the product?

Depending on the type of transportation mode it will be different or not. For example, for local deliveries, either the rolls or the folded pieces would be positioned on palets, whereas for international deliveries for great volumes, the goods are positioned directly inside the trucks or containers so that we could take advantage as much as possible to fulfill the truck or the container.

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