It is another target field for the application of agrotextiles. We could highlight netting related to heliciculture as wells as silage processes.


Granja caracoles / Caracolera / Antifuga /  Snail net / Lumache / Elicicultura / Anti-fuite


Color Negro


Color Negro

Product Description

It is an special netting designed to carry out all the activities related to heliciculture. Its main purpose is the constitution of a barrier to avoid the scape of snails growed in farms, so that it can ease the daily activities of Snail Farmers.



  • Obstacle to the entry of snail in orchards.
  • Windbreak barrier.
Raw Material

High density poliethilene (HDPE)


Green or black.

For other colors, please ask the Sales Department.

Special Features

Availability of tubular on the top of the net to ease the installation through a wire inside. Likewise it has two or three flounces sewed directly in the loom so that it allows the opening of them to ensure it opening.

UV Stability

720 Klys

  • WIDTHS: Standard rolls 1 meter wide.
  • LENGTHS: Rolls 105 meters long. Possibility of jumbo rolls (400 meters long) (Higher lengths under request)
Other Formats

Possibility of 16 rolls/pallet

Other Searching Terms

Malla para caracoles, malla caracolera, malla antifuga, helitex, malla para granja de caracoles, snail net, rete per lumache, rete per elicicoltura, filet anti-fuite.


Siloschutzgitter / Silage protections covers / Silage net / Silo covering / Fardos de ensilado

Product Description

It is a heavy duty  fabric made up with very thick monofilament HDPE yarns, and UV stabilized.

Furthermore, it preserves it from hail, and animals such as birds and rodents. Anaerobic fermentation will not be hindered by the entry of air or light. This fact avoids the spoilage of the silage. In addition, it reduces the losses of remarkable volumes of silage.  Avoiding such losses could become crucial in order to save money at the end of the season.



  • Better palatability and nutrional value of the silage. Feed value savings.
  • Reduce losses and maximice the efficiency of the silage.
  • Ease compaction of the silage.
  • Operational costs saving caused by not using tyres to keep the silage covered
  • Gravel bags can be hooked onto the silage covering by loops displayed throughout the whole sheet.


  • Tarpaulins for trailers.
  • Heavy duty harvesting nets
  • Shading or windbreak for livestock facilities.
  • Collection carpets for droppingsunder cages either in rabbit farms or poultry farms.
    • Rabitasilage Net
Raw Material

Polietlieno de alta densidad (HDPE)


Green or Black.

Other possibilities under request.

Special Features

Ergonomic loops toe ase the installation.

UV Stabilization

800 Klys

  • WIDTH: Standard rollos 3,4 and 5 meters wide.
  • LENGTHS: 100m, 150m… (Other lenghts under request).
Other formats

Possible tailoring of pieces; special measures, wrapped, labeled and packed in special conditions under request .

Other Searching Terms

siloschutzgitter, silage covers, silage net, silage protection covers, silo covering, fardos de ensilado.

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