This fabric is made of monofilament yarns in warp and raffia ribbons in weft, all of them made of high density polyethylene.

We have different percentages of shade, depending on it, they adapt to different uses, we show you a brief explanation so that you can choose the most suitable option.

Rabita Shade 35%.

Used for light shading of crops, fruit harvesting, windbreak and temperature control in greenhouses.

Rabita Shade 50%

Recommended in seedbeds, nurseries and material storage fields. Also as windbreak, fog catcher, frost protection, mealybug production and for fruit harvesting.

Rabita Shade 70%

Used for general shading of, for example, sheds, plant and flower gardens. Protection of buildings under construction, drying of dried fruits, drying of paprika. It is also used for various decorative purposes.

Rabita Shade 85%.

It is ideal for general shading of work and loading areas, parking lots, material storage areas, sports fields, animal breeding and resting sheds. It is also used for temperature control, area delimitation and various decorative uses.

Rabita Shade 90%

Protection of plants and animals against sun and frost, against lagomorphs (rabbits and mice). Windbreak curtain, fog catcher to capture water. Artificial fence, agricultural and forestry nurseries. Covering in greenhouses and warehouses Protective curtain in construction.

Recommended as a separation barrier in dusty environments, as protection of agricultural products, shading of ponds in rabbit and fish farming, and as ornament and decoration.

Dimensions and width

Standard reels from 1 meter to 5 meters.

Possibility of manufacturing with widths greater than 5 meters, using for this purpose seams with overlock sewing machines with 3 bobbins of thread with UV 720 Kly treatment.


Depending on the color of the raffia used for the construction of the fabric, it will provide a lower or higher percentage of shading.

We have a wide range of colors, the most standard ones are:






For other colors, please contact us.