The different types of agriculture in Spain are born according to their need for water, performance objectives, relationship with the market, method and objectives. Agriculture in Spain, together with other sectors of the primary sector, accounts for 5% of GDP, which makes it an important economic engine for our country.

Types of agriculture in Spain

Depending on the amount of water a crop needs to grow, we can speak of rainfed or irrigated agriculture:

  • Rainfed agriculture occurs in semi-arid areas where there is no need for farmer intervention for irrigation. They focus on specific crops that make efficient use of soil moisture.
  • Irrigated agriculture requires capital investment, technology and infrastructure. Water is the most important resource in this type of agriculture.

A distinction is also made between subsistence and market agriculture based on the relationship with the market. The former is used for farmers to grow their own food and the latter has a commercial purpose.

On the other hand, we can find intensive agriculture, which aims to produce in small spaces, and extensive agriculture, which aims to generate a yield per hectare.

Finally, it is worth mentioning traditional and industrial agriculture, as well as new types of agriculture that have emerged relatively recently, such as organic agriculture.

Main types of crops in Spain

Spain has a very fertile soil, allowing the export of many products that do not grow in other countries. At the top of the most cultivated and profitable crops in the whole country are olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees and greenhouse vegetables, something that is directly related to the level of rainfall, climate and soil quality in our country.

In fact, around 50% of olive and olive oil production leaves Spain annually, as well as the cultivation of almonds and pistachios, the latter of which requires almost no maintenance and fetches a very good price in the market.

Agriculture is one of the most economically profitable phenomena for our country, however, if it is not taken care of and harvested when it should be, it can generate great losses for our family economy. Use of the
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