We open debate: Early harvesting or harvesting later? Many cooperatives claim that early harvesting, however, there are detractors who claim that a late harvest ensures a higher fat yield. What is clear is that in order to ensure quality and increase efficiency during collection, choices must be made to the best olive harvesting cloaks.

What are the best olive harvesting cloaks?

The best mantles for olive harvesting are those that offer resistant seams, that have a system to carry out the oiling and that offer the possibility of using ringed blankets for loading. In case you need a higher density for harvesting, you can always use the 5×4 mulch. It is a mulch with a higher density, used for some types of aromatic herbs.

What is the best time to pick olives?

It is a recurring theme that is often a matter of debate, with many asserting that there is no specific time of the year when olives should be harvested. harvest the olivesThe olive tree’s growth rate depends on the season and exposure, as well as the soil in which the olive tree is planted. As with most fruits, there are a great variety of external factors that influence their harvesting, it is crazy to think that all olive varieties should be harvested at the same time.

What is clear is that for green harvesting to be profitable, harvesting must be carried out between the end of September and throughout October, since it is at this time when they have the greatest commercial value and size.

What is the current trend current trend of the olive harvesting season?

Although it is true that the current trend in olive harvesting is olive harvesting is an early harvest. This has been accelerated due to:

  • The mechanization of the harvesting process: the use of the use of
    vibrators and olive harvesters, buggies and
    buggies or umbrellas.
  • The planting of super-intensive olive groves, as well as early maturing species.
  • Preference when buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to obtain this type of oil the olives must be harvested from the tree, which is why early harvesting is a very important factor to prevent them from falling to the ground.

The farmer’s experience, climatic conditions and the preferences of each crop are determining factors in choosing how and when to harvest the olives. However, using a
harvesting blanket
of good quality, such as those of
Rábita Agrotextil
The new, high yielding and efficient harvesting system guarantees the best results and ensures higher yields and efficiency in the harvest. Its seams are particularly resistant and have integrated rings to facilitate product loading.