A very common question during the change of season to autumn is how to put at bay the different pests on plants that can spoil crop fields. The proliferation of insects in plants is a widespread problem that directly affects agricultural production, reducing its effectiveness and resulting in many losses for the sector. However, this problem can be eradicated through insect control nets and other effective options for pest control.

Insect screens are the best solution for pest control.

Despite the fact that during September temperatures start to drop and rains become more frequent, bringing as a consequence the multiplication of insects on plants, we can prevent the risk of these pests if we know how to identify the danger in time.

What pests pose a danger to crop fields?

The most common pests are: aphids, larvae or caterpillars, mealybugs, leafminers, spider mites and whiteflies. One of the challenges in the agricultural sector is to be able to constantly monitor the plants to ensure that they are not damaged by pests, which consume the stems, roots and leaves until it is impossible for them to grow again.

In addition to maintaining a rigorous care to avoid the proliferation of vermin and insects in plants, the most important thing is to observe all the identifiers with sufficient time and take the necessary measures to cure your plants and keep them in optimal condition.

How do you know if plants have insects?

Some signs that we can observe in the crops to know if they have been victims of pests, bugs or even rodents, could be:

  • White powder visible on leaves and stems.
  • Leaves may change color.
  • White insects mainly on leaves.
  • Larvae.
  • Eaten or curled leaves.
  • Cobwebs.

How to control pests in plants? Rábita offers you an effective solution:

Rábita agrotextil offers you a great variety of nets for agriculture with different densities depending on the type of insect you want to eradicate. This would change the pore size of the insect netting depending on the level of insulation desired for the crop.

This product is presented in the form of a mosquito net or windbreak, and is an agrotextile and perfectly fulfills its function of providing protection to the fields to prevent insects on plants during the fall.

How do insect screens work?

The nets are made with a high number of small diameter threads and are thus able to guarantee the effect of a physical barrier that prevents insects from reaching the plants without interfering with the regular passage of air and water (essential for the correct development of the plants).

Currently, the use of agricultural netting has increased and has become a successful tool to take advantage of the land resources and allow the development of crop fields in large areas.

With the use of agrotextile nets in agricultural production processes, we can increase the results of sowing and optimize the useful life of the plants so that they can survive efficiently.

Pest control barriers are undoubtedly necessary during seasonal changes: they reduce losses caused by windstorms and rains.

For more information on our range of agrotextile nets, we offer you additional information in the agricultural products section.